Fracture Risk Assessment Tool/FRAX®
An explanation

​Developed by Sheffield University,  at the behest of a task force set up by the World Health Organisation, who wanted a system that could be used without necessarily knowing an individual's bone density. FRAX® is a tool designed to be used worldwide where people don't always have the technology to perform bone scans, but could predict risk of a fracture with other information. 

Your FRAX®. score can tell you what your chances are of having a fracture over and above low bone density. 

The International Osteoporosis Foundation supports the maintenance and development of FRAX®.

Why is this important and how can it help you?

Anything you can do to improve your quality of life is a good thing.  Just like high blood pressure or high cholesterol level, If you know that you are at risk, you can do something to reduce that risk. 

Diet and exercise can help improve your bone density and working on balance is also very important.  When people are afraid of falling, they tend to do less and less until in time they become fearful of doing many of the things that make life pleasurable.  

By addressing risk factors earlier you can improve your balance, your muscle strength and tone and joint mobility.  All of these factors  combined together in a comprehensive bone strengthening programme will allow you to enjoy life and reduce your risk of injury. 

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