Frequently Asked Questions

  1. I have had a DXA scan. What does the EchoS offer that DXA doesn’t/can’t?

Radiation free

Instant results

Repeatable as often as needed to allow monitoring, treatment and prevention

2. My GP says I don’t need a a DXA scan, but I’ve had an early menopause.

Early menopause does increase your risk of osteoporosis because oestrogen is very important to our bone health.  If you lose oestrogen sooner than you would normally it sets off a rapid decline instead of the gradual decline of normal menopause.  Knowing your current BMD will allow you to make some lifestyle changes that can improve your BMD and help keep you stronger, longer.

3. I don’t want to take medication, what can I do to improve my bone health?

Diet, exercise and the right supplements can help improve your BMD. We know that sedentary lifestyles, poor diet and even fizzy drinks can affect our bone health.  If you take the time to do exercise that will help increase bone density, coupled with a diet (and supplementation) that supports bone health you can make a long-term difference.

4. I used to smoke but I’ve stopped now, will that affect my bone health?

Heavy smoking will affect your BMD. It also depends when. Smoking can reduce bone density by up to 25% (trying to find the info to back this up) It can also affect our hormones and many women who have early menopause are smokers.  If you were smoking heavily when you were much younger, that will have an impact on your bones.  Up to the age of 25 there is more bone made than loss.  At 25 you are at your peak in terms of bone density, the best your bones will ever be.  In this period any poor health choices will affect your ‘bone banking’ ie. The deposits made during this period probably won’t be as good as they could have been.    If you had a healthier start but took up smoking in  later years, it could still affect your BMD. 

5. I have a pacemaker, can I be scanned?

I have had a hip replacement/spinal metal work is in my back, can I be scanned?

I have had a * hip repaired, can I be scanned?

6. I broke my wrist when I was 40 will I have osteoporosis?

If the fall was a mild fall that shouldn’t have resulted in broken bones, then it would be wise to check your BMD.  The wrist is a common fracture site with osteoporosis.

7. Are there any side effects of incorrectly prescribed Osteoporosis medication?

8. I cannot lie flat without triggering my back pain, can I still be scanned?

9. Why does your service scan the spine and hip?

10. How often can I repeat the EchoS scan?

As the EchoS is radiation free, the scan can be repeated as often as you like.




This service will not scan:

Pregnant women

People who have had hip replacements on both of their hips, however we can still scan the spine

We can often scan patients who have spinal metal work, however they must check with us prior to appointment