Online reSources of information that we recommend

The National Osteoporosis Society (NOS)

  • The information provided is concise and UK specific

  • Offers a helpline for a more personal experience

  • Provides a set of subpages specifically for healthcare professionals and is labelled as such

  • Offers social media portals

  • Provides comprehensive dietary information, even as far as to provide information for diets such as vegan and lactose intolerant

  • Provides an up to date osteoporosis news page

  • Links provided everywhere

The International Osteoporosis Foundation (IOF)

  • Vast amount of varied information

  • Provides up to date international news articles concerning osteoporosis

  • Highly visual (lots of animations and informative pictures) on home screen

  • Logical layout of website’s categories and subpages

  • Provides information about multiple conditions, not just osteoporosis (sarcopenia, osteoarthritis and other, ‘rare skeletal disorders.’)

  • Offers social media portals


  • Provides information for general health and beauty

  • Covers a broad range of medical conditions

  • Provides up to date medical news articles

Other sites of interest

The following link will take you to an explanatory video about peak bone mass: